65 Sweet Treats that you are sure to Love

Welcome to the world of MY GREEK SWEETS, a cookbook that will take you on a journey into the sweet side of Greece. Tradition, emotion, history and fine Greek products are mixed with time-honoured and contemporary techniques to create an alluring mosaic of homemade Greek confectionery, through 65 beloved recipes curated by Ioanna Stamoulou.

Olive oil, yoghurt, honey, tahini, mastic from Chios, chocolate, fruit and nuts feature in recipes which have been passed down from generation to generation and accompany us in our daily lives. Recipes that epitomise what Greece is, a crossroads between East and West, where a baking pan has the power to bring together all peoples with its festive and everyday confections.

Greek sweets are much more than a dessert eaten at a restaurant or family table. In actual fact, Greek tradition was never partial to desserts. In Greece, sweets have always been about socialising. Part of an entire ritual of hospitality, consideration, acceptance, sharing, affection and benevolence. In Greece, sweets are treats offered with a warm smile!

So come, let us offer you – through this book – sweets with history, sweets with a backstory, sweets that have stood the test of time. Recipes that you can easily make, share with your loved ones, and feel the timeless comfort of a homemade sweet with Greek coffee.



Because Greek Cuisine has always been Vegan

My Greek Vegan Food will guide you through the healthy, plant-based side of Greek cuisine, through a wide variety of traditional and modern vegan recipes brought to you by Eva Monochari and Ioanna Pavlaki. It is a book that aspires to introduce Greek cuisine to a worldwide audience as the vegan diet of choice.

Vegetables, legumes, cereals, fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil have long formed the foundation of Greek cuisine. A cuisine that respects seasonality, instinctively knows the optimal combinations, and moreover is inexpensive to prepare using the freshest ingredients, while lacking nothing in terms of flavour and nutritional value.

This book contains 65 beloved recipes that you will enjoy preparing on an everyday basis, with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that guarantee success. Delectable olive oil-based creations, fluffy pies, fibre-rich legumes, healthy salads, delicious appetisers, homemade breads, fragrant spreads, classic Greek dishes in their vegan version and traditional desserts make up this practical and modern “green” anthology of Greek cuisine.



Savor the Sun on your plate!

MY GREEK MEZE is a collection of the tastiest and best known meze recipes that we enjoy in Greece, written by the queen of mezedes, Eleni Psyhouli. This cookbook is in many ways like a portrait of Greece. It has the aroma of the sun, the carefree vibe of holidays, the smile of the islands, the wisdom and taste of tradition, the scent of ouzo, the colour of the grapevine. It is a book that will help you to cook at home – in the heart of winter – your beloved memories of the Greek summer.

In its pages you will find simple recipes, which have stood the test of time and remain an essential part of Greek tradition, made with everyday ingredients that you can find anywhere. 65 authentic Greek appetisers with vegetables, meat, seafood, legumes, cheese, yoghurt and eggs, as well as vegan and gluten free options.

You don't need to spend much time in the kitchen to create the finest meze. This book will guide you through every stage, giving you tips and alternative solutions to make – in a few easy steps – mezedes of the Aegean, mezedes of the mountains, exactly as we enjoy them in every corner of Greece. The secret to their success is, in a nutshell, the love you put into their preparation.



My Greek Taverna is a book consisting all the dishes you will come across a genuine Greek taverna and any family’s Sunday table. In its 168 pages you will find 65 recipes, divided into categories and consisting of all the ingredients and detailed instructions needed to bring a traditional Greek dish to life in your kitchen, tasting exactly as you would enjoy it in a small taverna by the Aegean Sea. 

The menu includes mezedes, salads, pies, stews, seafood, traditional Greek dishes and of course traditional desserts: 65 traditional Greek recipes with step-by-step instructions for guaranteed success, as well as vegan/gluten-free options. 

This book has been made with the same “ingredients” each Greek dish contains: love, passion, respect for tradition, as well as a fresh look into the food chapter. It aspires to create a tasty memory for each and every Greek tastes’ lover and to constitute a tasty reason to visit Greece for every world traveller.

So, clear your working surface, take out your knives, put on your apron and gather all your love for food, as you are about to entry a world of unique tastes and magnificent aromas, deriving straight from the Greek sea and countryside.

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