It's a Feeling. It's an Experience. It's the Taste of Greece

My Greek Taverna

Taking Greek Cuisine Back Home

“My Greek Taverna” is a cookbook featuring all the dishes you will come across an authentic  Greek taverna and on any family’s Sunday table. In its pages you will find 65 recipes, divided into categories, listing all the ingredients along with step-by-step instructions to help you bring a traditional Greek dish to life in your own kitchen, tasting exactly as it would  in a small taverna by the Aegean Sea.


Vegan & Gluten Free Options 
 Available in  English & French language


Mezedes are the first dishes we order at a taverna to whet our appetites. Small and delicious, these starters are placed in the middle of the table to be shared and enjoyed by all diners. In fact, the whole thing is less about the food and more about the ritual. It is the gathering of friends or family around the table. It is the act of sharing, the sheer enjoyment of food and cheerful relaxation with a generous sprinkling of culinary finesse.


Fresh, light and quintessentially Mediterranean, salads in Greek tavernas are a bowlful of nature. Quite often some, if not all, of the ingredients are freshly picked from the taverna owner’s kitchen garden. The ideal meal for a hot summer day, light enough to enjoy before plunging into the deep blue sea. Beloved by vegetarians and all those who appreciate refreshing yet flavour-filled dishes.


Packed full of goodness and flavour, Greek pies have been tantalising taste buds since ancient times, when a little flour and whatever ingredients came to hand would be expertly transformed into a delicious and nutritious meal. Pies can be enjoyed at any time of day and, since they are easily portable, make an ideal office snack or picnic lunch. If you have guests, baking and serving your own pie strikes a Mediterranean note that will never fail to impress.


The cuisine of simplicity at its very best. Exquisite flavours crafted from fresh vegetables or tasty legumes, cooked with just a little olive oil and a few sprigs of aromatic Mediterranean herbs. Each recipe is a lesson in local cultural history. Showcasing in the most delicious way the potency and magic of olive oil, while containing all the goodness of the Greek sun in one bowl, these dishes are understandably loved by vegetarians the world over.


Iodine, salt and a gentle sea breeze. The bounty of the ocean on your plate. Flavours full of sea and sun, delicate yet distinct. Whether charcoal-grilled, fried in sizzling olive oil or oven-roasted – with the pungency of tomatoes, the tang of onions and a classic accompaniment of rice – fish and other seafood dishes are the heart and soul of any seaside taverna. Strong in character and rich in diversity, these dishes are capable of instantly bringing the Greek summer into the darkest days of winter, no matter where in the world you are.


Classic, famous, sometimes complicated – when properly cooked, these dishes are a paean to local ingredients and Greek culinary culture. Dishes that highlight the rich flavours of Greek grass-fed meats, the flair and passion of our mothers for cooking, and the resourcefulness of the traditional household. Souvlaki, moussaka, lamb ‘kleftiko’, courgettes with egg and lemon sauce – names and tastes that evoke memories of holidays, carefree ease and sublime relaxation. Dare to cook them!


The final act of the food ritual. A nicely made Greek coffee and a tasty dessert to sweeten our goodbyes. Something small, relatively light, always accompanied by a refreshing glass of cool water. Greek yoghurt paired with fruit in syrup, or the most simple, easy-to-make dessert, remind us that tastiness lies in simplicity.


Glasses clinking, eyes meeting, good wishes exchanged over the table − this is what drinking means to us. Whether it's wine, ouzo or tsipouro, the refined flavours, delicate aromas and heady delights of alcoholic beverages considerably enhance the dining experience and play a key role in Greek gastronomic culture. Each glass encapsulates the passion of the people who crafted its contents, the abundance of the Greek land, and a tradition that goes back 4,000 years. Cheers!

My Greek Taverna 
Taking Greek Cuisine Back Home

“My Greek Taverna” has been prepared with the same "ingredients" that each Greek dish contains: love, enthusiasm and respect for tradition.It aspires to become a tasty memory of your autumns, winters, springs and summers in Greece. A memory that will will be renewed each time you, the reader, go though its pages, choosing something Greek to cook, share and enjoy with your loved ones. It’s a “tasty” souvenir that smells like Greece, a special gift for yourself, your friends and family to take back home. “My Greek Taverna” is available in English & French language.